The Arieyl Lawsuit: A Battle Between Direct-Sales Giants


Have you ever wondered what happens when two major direct-sales companies go head-to-head in a legal battle? Well, wonder no more! The Arieyl lawsuit, a complex legal fight between My Daily Choice (MDC) and its former affiliates, offers a fascinating glimpse into the competitive world of direct sales.

The Story Unfolds:

In 2020, the Butlers, former top earners at MDC, decided to strike out on their own. They formed Arieyl, a competing direct-sales company offering products eerily similar to MDC’s. Not only that, they recruited a team of 25 former MDC affiliates, including their social media superstars. But things quickly turned sour.

MDC cried foul, accusing the Butlers and their team of:

Breach of contract: They claimed the Butlers were still bound by non-compete clauses in their contracts.
Copyright infringement: They alleged that Arieyl’s marketing materials and compensation structure bore striking resemblance to MDC’s own.
Tortious interference: They argued that the Butlers’ actions directly harmed MDC’s business.
Fraud: They accused the Butlers of engaging in deceptive practices to lure customers away from MDC.

The legal battle raged on for months, with both sides exchanging accusations and arguments. However, the story took a surprising turn in April 2022. After a series of mediation sessions, the two companies reached a settlement in principle.

The terms of the settlement were kept confidential, leaving many questions unanswered. Did MDC receive the compensation they sought? Did the Butlers change their business practices to appease their former employer? Was this the end of the battle, or just the beginning of a new chapter in the saga?

While the answers remain unclear, one thing is certain: the Arieyl lawsuit has left a lasting impact on the direct-sales industry. It has exposed the hidden tensions and fierce competition that often lie beneath the surface of this seemingly glamorous world. It has also highlighted the importance of ethical business practices and the legal complexities that can arise when companies compete for dominance.


What is My Daily Choice (MDC)?

MDC is a direct-sales company that offers a variety of health and wellness products.

Who are the Butlers?

William and Kristen Butler were top earners at MDC before forming their own company, Arieyl.

What are the allegations in the lawsuit?

MDC accused the Butlers of breach of contract, copyright infringement, tortious interference, and fraud.

What was the outcome of the lawsuit?

The two parties reached a settlement in principle, but the terms were not disclosed.

What impact has the lawsuit had on the industry?

The lawsuit has highlighted the competitive nature of the direct-sales industry and the importance of ethical business practices.


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FDA: FDA warns 15 companies for illegally selling various products containing cannabidiol as agency details safety concerns

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