Cabot Oil and Gas Lawsuit


Cabot Oil and Gas Company in Scotland are facing a legal suit by an individual who claims he suffered an injury due to the operator’s negligence. The man, whose name is withheld at the request of the courts, says that his life was saved by the firm’s operator. He says that he contacted the firm in June 2021, about having an issue with his “friend”. He was given a quotation by the firm on the same day, which was subsequently paid on the same day.

Two days later, on the day he was supposed to return to work, the accident occurred.

His solicitor told him that he should have left earlier, as there had been a problem on the way. The operator, it seems, failed to inform the man that there was an issue with his “friend” and instead insisted that he had no idea what problem he had.

What exactly happened? According to the claimant, this was not an isolated incident. On several occasions, he says that he has contacted the firm to ask about safety matters. The operator’s response has been that they do follow safety guidelines.

Subsequently, he decided to make a claim. His accident claim was then denied by the Solicitor’s Office. He was also told that he would be paying a claim consultation fee, before being entitled to anything. This, he says, was the cause for him to request a solicitor. It is not known what the solicitors’ decision was, but he was never asked to pay anything before being given the chance to make a claim.

Subsequently, he went on to make a claim for medical expenses and pain and suffering. He says that he was never informed of this fact by the Solicitor’s Office and is still waiting for the paperwork needed for these. This, he says, is illegal.

Cabot Oil and Gas were eventually ordered to pay out over three hundred pounds in claims for injuries.

Cabot Oil and Gas have also had to pay out over two thousand pounds in court costs, for failing to take reasonable precautions in the maintenance of their drilling site. A further claim was subsequently made by Mr. Jones’ wife for an additional ninety-eight pounds. Both claims were eventually lost. Cabot Oil and Gas have now lodged an appeal against the court’s initial decision.

The solicitor that was paid by Cabot Oil and Gas, has yet to make a payment.

Consequently, Mr Jones is now forced to hire another lawyer, in order to get the full compensation amount. Mr Jones’ case is one of the more interesting ones to have heard in years. His solicitor has confirmed to me that a majority of cases that are currently being processed are being lost, due to the heavy weight of the liability that comes with such large claims.

Cabot Oil and Gas are also facing a claim from a local water company for water leakage, which has led to an oil stain in the local reservoir.

The company’s own oil tank has also leaked, spilling ninety-nine gallons of fuel into the river. A further claim is being made by the engineer who designed the pipeline for Cabot. The engineer has lost a tooth in the accident and is unable to work on the project anymore. This accident is being handled by a different pipeline company.

Another major claim, which relates to an environmental issue, is that Cabot caused an environmental disaster when it drilled into a rare natural aquifer and flooded parts of land. An environment agency is claiming damages on top of the actual financial loss. A further environmental issue has also been highlighted by the way in which Cabot used an illegal waste product, which caused a big stink in France, and was responsible for many animals being killed.

A further claim relates to an injury which claimant received at work, from a piece of machinery which was faulty. Cabot’s safety regulations actually stipulate that they must fix faults in their machinery, which they did not do. This resulted in the faulty piece of machinery being shipped around the world and causing the injury. This claim is also being handled by an environmental agency. As well as the financial losses suffered by the claimant, this could have an effect on future mining operations, because if other companies are unable to operate safely, the impact on local communities and tourism could also be huge.

So if you feel that you have a valid claim for compensation in the Cabot oil and gas lawsuit, then you should get in touch with a qualified personal injury lawyer.

It is important that you start your investigation straight away, so that you do not miss any important clues. A qualified lawyer will be able to work alongside you, so that you can both prepare for the court case and recover the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries. The first step in making a successful claim is to contact a lawyer, so that you can make sure that you do not miss any opportunities.

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