How Can You Lose a Chiropractor License? 5 Common Causes of Penalties

Chiropractor License
Chiropractor License

Are you worried that you may get your chiropractor license suspended?

Like all health service professionals, chiropractors may face license discipline. This includes probation, suspension, or revocation.

There are some lines you can’t cross while working as a licensed chiropractor. What should you be careful of as a health professional?

Read on to learn more about a chiropractor’s license and reasons to lose it.

How Are Chiropractors Licensed?

Do you need a license to be a chiropractor? Yes, you do! Carrying a license generally means you completed education and training.

To be a chiropractor, you have to get an undergraduate degree focusing on the sciences. When you graduate, you have to move to a four-year chiropractic program. This is where you get training and hands-on experience.

Regardless of your specialty, you have to obtain a chiropractor license. The license also tells your patients that you keep up with recent trends. It also shows that you are continuing your educational requirements.

Common Reasons to Lose Your License

There are many reasons a chiropractor can get their chiropractor license number revoked. Here are five common causes that lead to losing your license.

1. Insurance Fraud

Medicare fraud is a common reason why a chiropractor loses license rights. Chiropractors engage in creating fake medical bill records to get more reimbursement. The reimbursement typically comes from Medicaid, Medicare, and or other various insurance companies.

Charging uninsured patients in your profession will cause you to lose your license. Switching medical records and using incorrect insurance codes are a few reasons to open an investigation.

2. Substance or Alcohol Abuse

Using illegal drugs, drunk driving, and stealing narcotics all result in license suspension. Suffering from substance and alcohol dependence won’t look good in your records. If you know that you’re forming dependence, ask for help right away.

3. Sexual Relationship With the Patient

Healthcare providers shouldn’t have any type of sexual relationship with patients. Sexual harassment or advances with staff and patients are also a big no-no.

You also have to be careful with your gestures, touches, and even speech. Be sure to ask a patient about their age, culture, and details to avoid unintentional violations. Don’t forget that minors can’t consent to any activities as stated by law.

4. Malpractice and Negligence

Repeated acts of malpractice and negligence lead to disciplining a chiropractor. It’s possible that you may hurt a patient due to negligence. You hold the responsibility of not providing a reasonable amount of caution.

5. Professional Misconduct

No matter your relationship with a patient or staff, you need to act professionally. Showing unprofessional and unethical practices can lead to license suspension. You should follow the code of conduct for all types of health services.

Keep Your License by Avoiding These Causes

Stay professional and follow the general rules for healthcare services. Avoid doing these actions to prevent losing your chiropractor license. Acknowledge boundaries to help patients with spinal manipulation.

Do you want to know more about chiropractors or licenses? Check out our other blogs with more helpful information and legal resources.

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