What Your Rights Are In A FedEx Class Action Lawsuit

FedEx Class Action Lawsuit attorneys are representing thousands of employees and workers against FedEx who have worked at various distribution hubs throughout the United States. FedEx Ground claims the independent contractor class is appropriate but still disputes that it has committed any illegalities and agreed to pay the expense of a settlement so as not to cost the company any more money. Both sides now agree to a $600 million dollar settlement, which will be distributed among the thousands of employees who have worked for FedEx and their families for many years.

According to the agreement, the company will not participate in a court hearing in regards to the litigation case and is agreeing not to take actions which may further affect the case. FedEx will not attempt to block the claims of the class action lawsuit and will accept all responsibility for the compensation claims.

Many people do not believe this case is valid because they feel the workers deserve a better compensation for their hard work than what was agreed to with the FedEx class action suit. This may be true to some degree but when you look at the larger picture, there are a number of other companies such as American Airlines, Air Transat, Sun Life and US Airways, which make up the same independent contractor class. The workers at these companies also deserve a bigger share of the compensation that their employers have promised them for their hard work.

If you are involved with a situation similar to the one described above, you should consult an experienced lawsuit attorney. They will determine if there is enough merit for a lawsuit and whether or not you and your family deserve a fair settlement.

Many lawyers are claiming that this lawsuit against FedEx Class Action is a ploy by the company to prevent future claims from employees. FedEx is willing to settle this case to avoid any potential financial hardship for their employees. A successful claim of this nature could result in substantial compensation for the family members of employees. If you have been injured at one of the distribution hubs owned by FedEx, it is important to speak to a lawyer immediately.

It is going to be a difficult time trying to get a judgment in your favor if a majority of the jury finds in your favor due to a large part of the evidence being tainted by fraud. The verdict will come down to how credible the witnesses are as well as how believable the statements were. This is not an area where a lay person is going to be able to do a great justice. You need the help of a skilled attorney.

FedEx has the right to file counterclaims against you and your lawsuit should you decide to file a counterclaim. This means they will argue against you in court and try to deny the claims made in your lawsuit. If you choose to file a counterclaim, it is important to retain a high quality lawyer who specializes in class actions.

Having an attorney working on your case can make a huge difference in the overall success of your case. Your attorney knows when to fight and when not to give in.

A good attorney will make sure that your case is handled in the best way possible. It is not going to be easy being involved in a FedEx Class Action lawsuit and a high level of skill is required to ensure that your legal rights are protected and maintained throughout the process. You are going to have to be as organized as possible and be prepared to discuss all of the issues surrounding your case with your attorney. It is also important to be as calm as possible during this process and do not take any risks that could lead to your loss of a case.

As a plaintiff, you have rights that cannot be waived in this type of case. The trial must be fair, you must be given a fair hearing and you must have a reasonable chance of winning your case. A lawyer will ensure that the verdict is delivered in a timely manner so that you don’t have to worry about a large judgment being delivered against you in court.

You will not lose anything if your lawsuit does not get filed in court. The trial is completely voluntary, so you will not have to worry about losing any money. You may lose time and expenses, but these will not hurt you if you decide to not hire a lawyer. It will also make you happy to know that you are not alone and have a competent team of legal experts standing behind you for your benefit.

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