File a Motorcycle Accident Claim Sooner Rather Than Later

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

You do not want to miss the statute of limitations for motorcycle accident lawsuits, and the sooner you contact a motorcycle accident lawyer, the better.

The statute of limitations for filing a motorcycle accident lawsuit is three years, but that does not mean that you should just twiddle your thumbs for two and a half years before you contact a motorcycle accident lawyer. The actions you take in the first few weeks after the accident are important, including insurance claims that you file shortly after the accident.

Many people injured in motorcycle accidents wait at least a year before they file a lawsuit, but that is because the events of the year after the accident have convinced them and their lawyers that a lawsuit is the best option. Although it might sound counterintuitive, if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, the best time to contact a New York motorcycle accident lawyer is now.

Early Documentation of Evidence is the Key to Getting a Good Settlement or Winning a Lawsuit

If you end up filing a motorcycle accident lawsuit a year or more after the accident, the evidence that the insurance companies considered when evaluating your claim will overlap considerably with the evidence you present to a judge. By documenting your injuries, the vehicle damage, and the conditions that led to the accident, you can show the insurance companies strong evidence that your injuries are the direct result of the accident caused by the other driver’s negligence.

It can take many months for the insurance companies to sort out all the details of how much to offer. Negotiating with the insurance companies to get them to pay you enough to cover your accident-related expenses is an overwhelming task to do on your own, but if you seek the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer, you can get a satisfactory settlement more quickly.

How a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help With Your Insurance Claim

Under New York’s comparative fault laws, you do not have to be completely blameless to collect damages in a motorcycle accident lawsuit; you can still win your case, even if you are 99% at fault. The more fault you bear for the accident, though, the less money you can get. Therefore, it is in your interest to have the insurance companies assign you less fault instead of more.

Insurance companies use recorded statements given to claims adjusters as a means of determining fault, and the adjusters intentionally ask confusing questions to get you to contradict yourself and leave uncomfortable silences so that you will make small talk that makes your injuries sound less serious than they are.

Instead of giving the insurance company a statement in which a claims adjuster is trying everything to get you to say the wrong thing, have your lawyer give a statement on your behalf.

Contact Lipsig, Shapey, Manus &Moverman, P.C. About Motorcycle Accident Cases

A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you get the money you need, usually without having to go to court. Contact Lipsig, Shapey, Manus &Moverman in New York City or call (212)285-3300 to discuss your case.

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