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Class Action Lawsuit Against Tran and Company

A class action lawsuit can be filed by anyone who has been injured as a result of the negligent activities of Lazy Boy brand products. The company was sued by more than one person who claimed to have been injured due to its products. There have been allegations of organ damage, toenail and fingernail fungus, respiratory problems, headaches, muscle aches, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, heart attacks and stroke.

The Class Action lawsuit was filed in the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Florida.

That is where the company’s factory is located. The suit named John Doe, who was the general manager at the time of the accident, and Hanh Tran, owner of Lazy Boy, were also named in the lawsuit. The suit charged that they knew about hazardous products and did nothing to warn their customers. They also failed to properly train employees on using the product. That is a violation of the Clean Air Act.

The case was heard by judge James Warren. He ordered Tran and Doe to pay a total amount of $beyond costs.

The ruling stated that Tran and Doe had liability, meaning he could be held personally liable for injuries that arose from the negligent marketing of the product. The class action lawsuit was eventually lost. The case was eventually dismissed.

The story does not end there. An appeals court panel reversed the decision and ruled that the claims against Tran and Doe were valid. They were then awarded a total of about three hundred and fifty thousand dollars in compensatory and punitive damages. Tran and Doe appealed to the Florida Supreme Court, but their claims were denied.

If you are interested in pursuing a class action lawsuit against Tran and Company for their wrongful promotion of the lazy boy brand, you need to contact an attorney.

Tran is now defunct and no longer represents any of its franchisees. You will have to find an individual or group who will represent you as their client to bring your lawsuit forward. There are specialized litigation groups such as a class action lawsuit fund who can help you locate an attorney to take up your case. This is often free of charge.

You may also choose to file suit yourself as a class action lawsuit plaintiff.

With this form of filing, you will be responsible for paying your own attorney. Although this is more difficult than a typical class action lawsuit, you will be able to recoup your losses faster, possibly even earning money with this form of lawsuit. You should seek legal advice before filing your class action lawsuit against Tran and Company.

You will likely need to appoint an attorney to help you with the lawsuit, so ensure that your lawyer is very good at what they do.

This lawsuit against Tran and Company is not isolated; this is part of a long series of lawsuits against the company, which have been settled without going to court. It would be extremely unethical for you to file false claims against Tran and Company and then have your lawsuit dismissed. Any false claims you make could land your company in a worse position than it would already be in.

If you want to pursue a lazy boy class action lawsuit, you must understand how these lawsuits work and where to find the best representation. The first step you must take is to ensure that you have a legitimate claim before pursuing this type of lawsuit. Then, you should follow the advice of your lawyer and seek legal counsel to help you build your case against Tran and Company.

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  1. James Hufnagel says:

    I bought a 1500.00 recliner( lazyboy) did not last a year. May complaints to store resolved nothing except I would need to buy a new cushion and spring mechanism. Also charged me 75.00 for coming to look at the used equipment

  2. Linda says:

    Spent $2000 on 2 recliners that broke after 2wks. They were rickity and tipped easily. It took months for a tech to come out. He said they’re fine and left. Never displayed any tools but had a very condescending attitude. Filed a complaint with the BBB- lazyboy lied and said the tech adjusted them. He did nothing but flip them over and take a picture. I would NEVER recommend them to anyone. Customer service is nonexistent.

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