Mesh Bladder Sling Lawsuit Settlements


A recent study found that about half of all pelvic mesh patients were offered a settlement of more than $100,000. Unfortunately, only about half of these cases resulted in a settlement of less than $13,000, so there is a long way to go before these claims are resolved. In the meantime, there are still countless cases pending against companies that manufacture these products. But as the number of lawsuits increases, so do the potential payouts.

Many women who had the faulty Pinnacle mesh have filed a lawsuit against the maker, Boston Scientific.

In a multistate settlement, Johnson & Johnson paid $117 million to each of the women. Another recent settlement by Becton Dickinson resulted in a $60 million payout. The number of lawsuits continues to rise, but many attorneys are skeptical that the industry will ever see those amounts.

A recent study published in JAMA Surgery found that the average settlement for these cases was $117.5 million. However, it’s important to note that settlements have varied widely. Some women who did not have the mesh removed received smaller settlements than those who did. Because mesh bladder slings are expensive, settlements have tended to be small. In some states, a sling can cause serious problems and even death. In some cases, women have no choice but to endure these invasive procedures.

The biggest number of bladder sling lawsuits are against Neomedic International, a Spanish medical device company with a U.S. headquarters in Coral Gables, Florida.

The firm specializes in pelvic floor products and faces more than 130 lawsuits. In December 2015, it settled an undisclosed number of these claims. It also reserved the right to withdraw from the settlement if ninety percent of claimants didn’t opt-in. The companies involved in the settlements covered a variety of mesh bladder sling products, including the Contrasure Needleless Sling System, the Remeex System, and the TRT Remeex System.

The biggest mesh bladder sling lawsuit settlements have been made against Ethicon. The Spanish medical device manufacturer, which has its U.S. headquarters in Coral Gables, faces more than 130 lawsuits related to its products. Its recent December 2015 settlement covered an undisclosed number of mesh-related claims. The firm also settled several other cases involving the OBTape. Its stock was down at the end of January and the settlement was reached in February.

While there are several mesh bladder sling lawsuit settlements in federal court, the company has not yet settled all of them.

The court’s presiding judge, Joseph Goodwin, has urged medical device makers to settle claims to avoid massive court costs and verdict losses. Despite the huge number of lawsuits, Neomedic has agreed to settle an undisclosed amount of claims, but not all of them.

The company also negotiated a large settlement in July 2015 against Mentor Corporation, which marketed the OBTape. This lawsuit has been resolved for more than $10 million. However, the company did not settle every mesh sling lawsuit, which is a good sign that the companies are willing to settle at least some of them. Fortunately, this is a good sign for the victims of this invasive surgery.

Mesh bladder sling lawsuit settlements can be difficult to compare, but the amount of money won in a particular case is often significant.

While the total amount of claims may be relatively small, each case will likely result in a significant settlement. Those who won’t be able to settle their lawsuits, however, are likely to receive a smaller payment than those who are successful. Some companies aren’t even willing to settle, and the costs are so high that they are unlikely to recover their expenses.

The company responsible for the mesh bladder sling lawsuit settlements is Neomedic International, a Spanish medical device manufacturer with U.S. headquarters in Coral Gables, Florida. It is a manufacturer of pelvic floor devices. The company faced an estimated 130 mesh sling lawsuits in the past, and the company settled an undisclosed number of them in December 2015. The deal covered both the Contrasure Needleless Sling System and the Remeex System/TRT.

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