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What You Should Know About Filing A Lawsuit

We are delighted to bring you SafeReets USA v. John Doe, Case No. 4 herein. On September 6th of last year, we received a complaint from a plaintiff who claimed he suffered injuries as a result of the negligence and recklessness of another person. We answered the complaint, seeking summary judgment. On October 6th, the court issued its order. In granting the motion, the court noted that plaintiff did not point to any injury or damage which could establish liability on the part of another, and did not proffer any proof that such injury or damage resulted from the conduct of another. Accordingly, the motion was denied.

Now, let’s review the facts underlying this situation.

A man named John Doe was playing golf on a public golf course when he tripped and fell into some bushes. Subsequently, he sustained a broken bone. A week later, however, another golfer saw the broken bone and brought it to the attention of another player who called 911, and an ambulance was taken to the scene, where it was determined that Mr. Doe’s broken bone was the result of another’s negligence. The ambulance transported him to an emergency medical facility, where he underwent surgery, although he is unable to use his leg due to the extensive scarring.

On appeal, the District Court found merit in the claim of the plaintiff.

The District Court accepted the argument of the defendants that the facts simply did not support a finding of liability. The Court also found no evidence that the injuries described were caused by the defendant’s negligence. Consequently, the plaintiff was not entitled to recover damages from the defendants.

Now, let’s discuss the proper procedure for filing such a lawsuit. One would think that a plaintiff must file a lawsuit within a few days after the date of the accident. That is, if one files a federal lawsuit, one must file a lawsuit within a few days after the accident occurs. However, this rule does not apply to Texas. Texas law requires that an individual file a lawsuit within three years.

One reason that filing a lawsuit can be delayed is that one has to be able to show that a delay would result in the denial of the claim.

It turns out that the proof of delay is quite difficult to demonstrate. Moreover, discovery (the process of getting more information about a lawsuit) may also be delayed. Thus, courts are reluctant to grant large claims on short notice.

If you have been injured in an accident in the state of Texas, you may be able to proceed with filing a lawsuit by seeking a lawsuit loan from a private funding company.

Such loans are usually provided by a few private institutions and investment firms. The companies providing lawsuit loans do not usually require any evidence of personal injury. They simply require that you file a claim with them.

In most states, you need a resident alien to file a lawsuit.

If your state has such a provision, you may wish to investigate whether you meet the legal requirements for a resident alien. There are instances where non-residents can bring a lawsuit to court. This happens in situations like misrepresentation or fraud. Again, you should talk to an experienced lawyer before proceeding.

However, there is a caveat. If you are filing a lawsuit against a corporation, there are provisions in the law which prevent that corporation from denying your claim. Therefore, you should know about this before starting your lawsuit. Safe streets USA lawyer will be able to help you understand the clauses in the law and make sure that you meet all the requirements.

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