SSI Law: How to Find the Right Disability Attorney

Disability Attorney

If you have been denied SSI benefits or are considering filing for SSI disability, you must know how to find the right SSI lawyer. There are many different types of SSI lawyers out there and not all will be best suited for your situation.

And in case you think a disability lawyer is not important, remember that about 64% of disability claims are denied.

Here are some tips on how to identify a good attorney who understands SSI law.

Check Their Experience

While a new lawyer may be eager to please clients, you want an attorney who understands your needs. When choosing an SSI law attorney, look for someone with at least 5 years of experience in disability claims. Of course, they must have experience doing SSI disability claims as well.

SSI is a very specialized kind of claim and not every SSI lawyer has the right expertise to handle it. You should speak about how many SSI disability cases they have handled. Then, you’ll get a sense of their confidence level in this specific area of practice.

You can also check online reviews (which are not always accurate but helpful).

Ask What To Expect From an SSI Attorney

What does your attorney do for you? This is one of the frequently asked questions and the answer should be simple.

If your attorney has a vague answer, then they are probably not too good at SSI law. An experienced SSI lawyer knows exactly what to do on your behalf to get your claim approved.

Getting your benefits approved should be the ultimate goal of your attorney. And they will never represent you in a way that leads to an unfavorable outcome.

The Lawyer’s Style of Communication

How does your disability attorney respond to you? Are they respectful of you and your concerns?

While this may seem like a minor factor, it actually determines how the relationship will be going forward. And this is one way to see if they are effective in dealing with people who have a disability.

A good social security disability lawyer should not talk down to their clients or act distracted. They should understand that their client lives with severe pain every day. So being patient, courteous, and understanding is essential for them to effectively advocate on behalf of the client.

The Lawyer’s Fee Structure

Does the SSI lawyer charge an hourly rate or flat fee for their services? There are both advantages disadvantages to these two payment methods.

Hourly fees make you share in the costs of running an office so the cost may vary from case to case.

A flat fee is cheaper and simpler because it does not depend on how long your disability claim takes. But some SSI lawyers will use this method as a way to line their pockets for less work.

The Lawyer’s Availability

How available is the lawyer? Is he or she readily available during business hours?

Do they have an emergency number, like after-hours or nights and weekends? Communication between a client and their attorney is crucial to getting benefits approved fast. Therefore such accessibility is very important when choosing an SSI law lawyer.

Get the Right SSI Law Attorney Today

Don’t just hire any SSI law attorney. Rather, choose someone with whom you have a good connection and who understands how to get your benefits fast. If possible, someone who will work with you as your needs change because SSI laws are always changing.

SSI lawyers can help you win the SSI disability battle but they only work if you pick the right one!

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