The Worst Places to Drive in Florida

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Florida is one of America’s favorite vacationing states, thanks to its great weather and beautiful beaches. However, the Sunshine State also records some of the highest car accident rates nationwide. That means the chances of getting injured in an auto crash are often high. If you have been injured in an auto accident in Florida, the experienced Orlando car accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Pardy & Rodriguez, PA are ready to help.

Let’s take a look at some of the places you need to be extra cautious when driving in Florida.

1. Interstate 95 in Miami

Interstate -95 is one of the longest highways in America. It spans over 1,900 miles between Maine and Florida, cutting across 15 states. In Florida alone, the freeway runs over 545 miles along the east coast from Key West to the St Mary’s River crossing. The road is highly congested for most of its length and can see up to 300,000 in vehicle traffic per day.

However, it is the stretch between Miami Dade and Broward that’s considered the most dangerous. The high rate of accidents can be attributed to distracted driving, heavy traffic, and speeding. Additionally, Miami-Dade’s narrow express lanes have been cited as dangerous and poorly maintained, making the already unsafe freeway worse.

2. Florida Turnpike

Florida Turnpike is designated as unsigned state road 91 spanning over 309 miles and runs through 11 counties. It is a toll road maintained by Turnpike enterprises and runs parallel to I-95. It is an option for drivers who want to avoid the heavy traffic on I-95 and don’t mind paying tolls.

Speeding, road debris, and the high no of vacationers using this road make it a dangerous road to drive on. If you or your loved one have been injured in an accident on this road due to someone else, our team of skilled Orlando car accident lawyers are ready to help you navigate your auto accident case.

3. Interstate 4

The I-4 is a major interstate and the busiest in the whole country. It merges with I-275 in Tampa on its westernmost end and I-95 on its west end in Daytona. The interstate connects Florida’s biggest vacationer cities – Orlando, Daytona, and Tampa – which explains its high traffic density.

There is widespread belief among locals that ghosts are to blame for the accidents earning it the name “haunted highway.” However, it is more likely that many accidents on this highway are a result of distracted driving.

4. Interstate 10

I-10 ranks fourth in the longest highways in America. It spans over 2,400 miles through eight states. In Florida, the interstate starts east at Jacksonville, running west to Pensacola and into Alabama.

The high rates of accidents on this road can be attributed to the lack of median barriers causing crossover crashes. Considering that most drivers on the interstate travel at about 55miles per hour, an impact on the interstate can be devastating if not fatal.

5. State Road 436

SR 436 or otherwise known as Florida 436, is one of Orlando’s major roads. SR 436 runs from Apopka to Florida 528, aslo the Beachline expressway, which is near the international airport in Orlando. Some of the reasons the road attracts accidents are speeding and lack of median barriers. Additionally, the road has as many as eight lanes in some sections and many groceries, shops, and restaurants along the state road, increasing pedestrians’ risk of being hit by a car.

Dangerous driving habits on Florida Roadways

Distracted driving

Any activity that takes your concentration from the road while driving can potentially cause a crash. Unlike most states, calling or texting while driving is considered a secondary offense. The police can’t pull over a driver for a cell phone while driving unless they commit another serious offense.

Driving under the influence (DUI)

About 28 people die daily in the United States in drunk driving-related crashes. Florida being a vacationer’s favorite, cases of driving while intoxicated are very high, with many resulting in accidents.


Speeding is a significant cause of fatal accidents on any road. Speed makes stopping much harder in case of an emergency and increases the risk of hydroplaning in bad weather.

Reckless or careless driving

Reckless and careless driving are some of the most common causes of collisions in Florida. Reckless driving can be described as intentional disregard to safety, while careless driving is driving without exercising due caution and could be unintentional.

Contact a car accident lawyer today

Car accidents can be devastating to all parties involved. At the Law Offices of Pardy & Rodriguez, PA, fighting for your rights to fair compensation for your damages is our priority. With over three decades of experience dealing with auto accident cases in Florida, you can count on our team of skilled Orlando car accident lawyers to deliver the most favorable outcome for your case.

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