WEN Lawsuit Update 2018

In a recent lawsuit filed against WEN, women have revealed that their hair began falling out due to a chemical compound in their hair care products. According to the Daily Beast, this chemical can cause permanent hair damage. The company, a joint venture between Guthy-Renker and Chaz Dean Inc., has settled a similar lawsuit out of court for $675,000, but the Wen lawsuit will ultimately be worth $26 million.

In December 2015, several users of the Wen hair care line filed a class-action lawsuit against the manufacturer.

Many claimed that the formulas contained chemical ingredients that caused partial baldness and hair loss. The distributor was notified of the issues and did nothing to address the problems. WEN executives denied responsibility but have since stepped in to settle the case. In the meantime, the company has agreed to settle the case through mediation.

In December 2015, a class-action lawsuit was filed against WEN, claiming that its hair-care products had caused hair loss, bald spots, and scalp damage. The complaint states that the defendants did not warn consumers about the problems with the formulas and failed to provide adequate instructions for use. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is currently investigating the claims and has ordered a full investigation into any potential health risks.

In the meantime, the Wen class-action lawsuit continues to proceed.

More than 200 women in 40 states have filed suit against the company and its partners. The complaints allege that the product contains a design defect and that the company failed to provide proper warnings. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration launched an investigation into WEN hair care products in July 2016 after receiving complaints from consumers. In December 2015, attorneys from both sides of the class-action suit began mediation.

While the case is still in the early stages, there has been a lot of progress. The Wen class-action lawsuit is now at the stage of the preliminary settlement, with over 200 women from 40 states and Guthy-Renker naming Wen as a defendant. The lawsuit cites hair loss, bald spots, and scalp damage caused by the product. Wen is also investigating how much the company paid celebrities to endorse the product.

Wen has also been the subject of a class-action lawsuit. Currently, the company faces a $26 million settlement.

The settlement has been preliminarily approved, and people must still opt out by Feb. 10, 2017. The class-action lawsuits were filed in October 2015. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration launched an investigation into WEN hair care products in July 2016. Its claims were found to be false and lacked warnings.

While WEN’s lawsuit has been settled in the end, it is still ongoing. There are over 200 women from forty states that have filed Wen class-action lawsuits, which allege product liability, in connection with Chaz Dean’s shampoo. The lawsuit has been published in several publications, including the CRC Press, the American Journal of Clinical Pathology, and Glamour. As the lawsuit moves forward, attorneys hope to win a settlement for their clients.

The WEN hair care lawsuit has also been the subject of a class-action lawsuit.

In December 2015, 200 women from 40 states filed a class-action lawsuit against the company, alleging that the shampoos contained chemicals that caused their hair to fall out. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration also launched an investigation into the products. In December 2015, the company and its distributor began a settlement process. Wen has also been sued in other courts.

Wen’s products have been the subject of a class-action lawsuit since 2015. Some women have suffered from hair loss and skin irritation as a result of using shampoo. While the FDA is currently investigating the claims, the lawsuit’s settlement is a positive sign for both parties. There is no guarantee that the company will settle the case, but it is worth pursuing. If you use the WEN products, you may be eligible for a compensation claim.

The Wen hair-thinning lawsuit prompted the US government to become involved.

In March 2018, the House of Representatives named 17,000 people who had used the WEN cleansing conditioner and reported hair loss. The FDA began an investigation and paid out $26 million to consumers. However, the company is still selling WEN hair products online and on QVC. While the company has settled several cases, it has not been able to completely stop selling its products.

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