What to Know About HCG Platinum Class Action Lawsuit


For many years, HCG Platinium LLC in coordination with Right Way Nutrition LLC sold dubious dietary supplements and products. They claimed that consumers can lose substantial weight in a limited amount of time using their products. As a result of deceptive marketing and scientifically unsupported claims, these companies were able to extort millions of dollars from consumers.

As a result of these dubious claims, Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit against HCG drugs in Arizona federal court. The lawsuit suggests that HCG platinum products have put public health in danger by falsely advertising unsubstantiated claims of weight loss.

The potential class-action lawsuit will likely interest consumers who have either bought the HCG products or they have faced side effects due to the use. Unlike traditional lawsuits, the class-action lawsuit is usually filed by a group against a single defendant. It is logical to do so because the lawsuit helps the group confront large companies and brands without worrying about undue legal actions and attorney fees.

What Does HCG Products Claim?

HCG Platinium liquid drops and supplements such as HCG Platinium X-14 claim that these products can help consumers lose significant weight within a very short period of time.

The company advertises that consumers are likely to lose one or two pounds per day up to a total of 127 pounds by using their products. The advertisement also claims that these products are clinically proven to burn fat and reduce cholesterol levels. Various advertisements suggest that consumers will lose the same amount of weight as the endorsers of the product allegedly lost.

HCG products are widely marketed through prominent magazines, online channels, and official websites. In the past, HCG products were sold over the counter or prescribed by medical experts. Retail stores such as General Nutrition Corp., Rite Aid, and Walgreens also sell the product.

To prevent consumers from such fake claims, the class-action lawsuit aims to help consumers in the form of compensation and putting a stop to deceptive marketing practices.

What Is HCG?

The main ingredient used in the HCG-branded product is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. The chemical is created by trophoblast tissue and produced primarily during pregnancy. A smaller amount of HCG is also produced by the pituitary gland, the liver, and the colon.

The Federal Trade Commission has approved the chemical to treat infertility and other medical conditions. It is not approved for weight loss. Similarly, any drug containing HCG is not approved for sale without prescription.

HCG Platinum Class Action Lawsuit Update:

Unfortunately, FTC warnings did not prevent false claims. The chemical, HCG, is still used in many OTC drugs claiming to cause rapid weight loss. For many years, products containing HCG have been sold in the market as oral sprays, liquid drops, injections, and pellets.

It is important to note that HCG-branded products are also recommended by companies to be used in conjunction with a rigorous diet plan. The diet plan suggests that anyone using HCG products should restrict their diet to only 500 calories per day. Such claims are dangerous because the FDA states that taking 500 calories per day is extremely dangerous to the human body and can cause serious side effects including death.

What Does FDA Say?

According to FDA, any product or diet that promises rapid weight loss is promoting dangerous practices. These products include HCG-branded products that claim to reduce weight along with the advice to curtail daily calorie intake.

The product containing HCG is in the spotlight since 2011 when FTC and Food & Drug Administration sent warning letters to seven marketers including the promoter of HCG-Platinum products, Kevin Wright. The letter warned that the HCG-branded products do not help in weight loss and there is no scientifically proven data to substantiate such claims.

FDA’s Carolyn Becker further clarified the stance of the agency by indicating that the chemical, HCG, will not help reduce the weight. Instead, the weight loss will be primarily due to the limited intake of 500 calories per day. Therefore, any loss is due to the calorie restriction and not the HCG.

The FDA has regularly warned the general public about the potential negative effects of a 500-calorie diet plan. Immediate side-effects can include the formation of gallstones, improper functioning of muscles, and irregular heartbeat. If a person continues to persist with the diet, it can lead to acute health issues including blood clotting, pulmonary embolism, anorexia, and death.

If you have an HCG-branded product for weight loss or a related supplement, FDA recommends getting rid of it as soon as possible. Instead of using the product, it is better to consult a dietician and a health care professional.

Are You The Victim?

Anyone who has used HCG-Platinium branded products should stop using them and consult an attorney. Product liability laws are in place to protect consumers from dangerous and unhealthy practices.

According to the law, manufacturers, distributors, and stakeholders of consumer products are responsible for the well-being of consumers. Hiding any known drawbacks of a product or making false claims is punishable by law. In this case, HCG is liable for damages because the company is accused of false claims and harmful advertising.

Anyone can file a lawsuit irrespective of the damage caused by the product. The law suggests that anyone buying such products is a potential victim; therefore, the company must pay damages to put the life of consumers in danger, if proven guilty.

The HCG Platinum Class Action Lawsuit can compensate consumers who have bought the HCG products. They are entitled to the compensation if they can prove any of the following claims:

  1. The medicine did not give proper warnings.
  2. The medicine did not have appropriate labels.
  3. There is a manufacturing defect in the product.
  4. The medicine has an inherent design flaw.

To deal with the lawsuit, consumers can consult a class action lawyer or a personal injury lawyer. While anyone can sue the company, it is often very beneficial to pursue a class-action lawsuit because it allows individuals to join hundreds of other consumers who’re fighting for the same cause.

HCG-branded products have a history of dubious marketing practices. Hence, it’s important to consult experienced attorneys who can offer guidance and regular HCG platinum class action lawsuit updates. Join others to stop companies from harming you.

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