When You Should Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney


Criminal defense attorneys are often needed when the government has to put forward evidence in court to prove a defendant’s guilt or innocence. But hiring a criminal defense attorney at the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates  may only be a wise move sometimes. Some people think that they are just too scared and traumatized to come forward and confront their past offenses. Having the security and comfort of someone there working to defend your rights is priceless.

Reason to Hire a Competent Criminal Defense Attorney

  1. It’s important to understand that plea bargains are used frequently within the criminal justice system. The defendant may agree to a lesser charge in order to get time behind bars or avoid more severe charges. This is not an option for everyone. If you choose to accept a plea bargain, you need to fully understand the consequences. There will be a significant amount of time which has been taken away from your sentence, fines, and community service will need to be completed before the end of the sentence.
  2. Choosing the right criminal defense attorney will also be crucial in determining if you will be able to successfully defend yourself. Not all legal representation are created equal. Many legal advocates work aggressively on behalf of their clients but are not experienced in the criminal defense field. Others simply seek to take as much money as possible from their clients without providing adequate counsel. Only a highly experienced attorney with a proven track record of winning cases for their clients will be able to effectively represent your case.
  3. The first thing you need to do before hiring a criminal defense attorney is to consult with one who already has experience defending clients who are facing criminal charges. You need to ensure that they have the appropriate background and are familiar with the local courthouse. If you are unfamiliar with the local courthouse, it is important to ask a friend or family member for recommendations. If you are charged with a felony, it is important that your lawyer understands local jail terms and the applicable sentencing guidelines. Your legal counsel should also have an understanding of the judge’s order of sentencing and understand whether there are any mitigating circumstances that may result in reduced charges or even a dismissed charge.
  4. Once you find a qualified criminal defense attorney, it is important that you understand what your role is and that he will instruct you on how to respond to various court orders. You must understand that once the case has been moved to a different court, you are still guilty until proven innocent. A competent attorney will aggressively fight to prove your innocence. If you fail to appear at all scheduled court appearances, the court will automatically enter a judgment against you. Hiring an experienced lawyer will help to reduce the possibility of jail time and keep you out of jail.
  5. Another reason to hire a competent criminal defense attorney when you are charged with a crime is that the laws regarding the crime are very complex and often change from state to state. The attorney you hire will be knowledgeable about the current law as well as past law so that he can fight your battle in the courts. The attorney will explain the crime that you are charged with and why your rights were not violated by the police or the prosecutor. Many times a simple misunderstanding of the law leads to a more serious criminal case and jail time.

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