Class Action Lawsuit Against Prilosec Pharmaceuticals

Class Action lawsuit is a kind of lawsuit that is initiated by people who have complaints about some product or service. In the case of Prilosec, a manufacturer of a painkiller called Prilosec is responsible for several deaths across the globe. People started suing the company over these incidents and the case has now reached the U.S. Federal court. The main reason behind the lawsuit is that Prilosec was manipulating the dosage of the painkiller in its products.

Class action lawsuit against Prilosec was started in Florida.

This is because Florida is one of the states that have implemented new laws against the manufacturers of prescription drugs. These new laws ban the prescriptions of painkillers including Prilosec. The new law also requires every pharmaceutical firm to develop a quality monitoring program for the medicines it produces. After the introduction of the new laws, the market share of the Prilosec Company was reduced by almost 20%.

The Florida suit has been filed by one of the relatives of one of the persons who had an accident with the Prilosec.

This person sustained a head injury and has been hospitalized. He has told his family members that he cannot think right without using the medicine. According to the suit, the manufacturer of the medicine has not offered any proof on the safety of the medicine. According to this case, the claim for the medical expenses and other related costs are worth $1 million.

Another suit has been filed against Prilosec by the parents of a little girl who had an attack of bed wetting.

The doctors had recommended several treatments but the girl continued to wet her bed even after getting different treatment. This case has been solved as well. A settlement has been signed between the parents and the company.

According to the lawyers who handled this case, the Class Action lawsuit is not only for the little girls who had parted with it. It has been claimed that it is also a true case for those people who suffered serious injuries at work due to medical devices and other equipment of some manufacturer. There were many cases of workers getting seriously injured in construction sites. Some of them had permanent disabilities. It is therefore right to demand compensation against all those companies and organizations that had been responsible for the mishaps.

The lawyer handling the case of the Florida case has told the media that this case will set a new legal precedent in the world of medical technologies.

This is because of the importance of working to ensure that no untoward incident takes place with the help of medical devices. In the case of the Prilosec case, the safety aspect was considered so important that this class action lawsuit has been filed against the manufacturer. Even in the Prilosec case, it was found that the cause of death was due to a defective machine and that the compensation sought by the family was inadequate. So, this means that the Prilosec case has shown the importance of taking safety measures for personal safety as well as for the safety of the nation’s health.

Another important point for this lawsuit to succeed is the damage caused to the consumers.

These people had bought the Prilosec OTC solution for a dry eye condition. They were happy with its working features but when they used it for over a week, they lost their eyesight and had to be hospitalized. The family was told that a manufacturing defect had caused this unfortunate situation. The manufacturer’s warranty was then canceled by the company and no claim could be filed against the company. But the lawyers say that since the product liability law had not been installed in Florida, this was a clear case of consumer fraud.

All these were the reasons that helped the case is classed as a Class Action Lawsuit against Prilosec. If you are a resident of Florida and want to file a case like these, you need to contact a Class Action Lawyer who is specialized in these cases. The lawyers will help you in assessing the strength of your case. If the case is strong, they help their clients in going ahead with the case and help them get a good compensation. And if the case is weak, they help their clients go for the monetary compensation.

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