4 Ways of Choosing a Medical Malpractice Attorney

Medical Malpractice Attorney

In many cases, there is nothing as great as going to see the doctor at the hospital. Even non-threatening and regular checkups are an inconvenience. Though things might turn from bad to worse when your medical doctor makes a mistake.

As a matter of fact, the 4th leading cause of death in Canada and the US is medical negligence. If a doctor misdiagnosis, causes you harm, or prescribe the wrong medications, you have the right to sue the expert for the malpractice.

If you get yourself in such a situation, you will require a medical malpractice attorney to navigate the medical lawsuits. The question is, how can you get a suitable lawyer? Here are ways to help choose the best medical malpractice lawyer:

1. Check the Fee Structure

Regardless of how good lawyers are, if you will not be able to afford their fees, they cannot help you. Before you sign any contract, ask potential attorneys how they plan to bill you and how much they intend to charge for the services.

Most malpractice lawyers charge fees on a contingency basis. This means they take a case and carve out a certain percentage of your earnings from the amount of money you get from compensation. The contingency fees lie between 18% and 48%.

2. Prioritize Medical Knowledge

To adequately cross-examine and prepare professional witnesses, Odjaghian Law Group suggests that your lawyer will need a better understanding of the underlying medical theories, terms, diagnosis, and procedures.

Most medical malpractice lawyers have their doctors, medical experts, or nurses with whom they will consult to learn the important standard of care. Some medical malpractice lawyers are also registered nurses or medical doctors – meaning they have the professionalism in both:

  • Medicine
  • Law

3. A Good Reputation Counts

A great place to start searching for an attorney is through the experience of family and friends you trust. Medical malpractice lawyers will have access to your personal details.

Plus, they will closely work with you to develop vital facts and update you regarding the case progress. Choosing a suitable malpractice attorney with a great reputation will be the start of becoming whole after your accident.

4. Check the Litigation Experience

Before you choose a medical malpractice lawyer, you must ensure they have litigation experience. In many cases, the defendants have big malpractice insurance with a lot of money to spend on legal defense. Your injury lawyer must be knowledgeable about mounting serious cases and countering a strong defense.

Remember that medical malpractice and personal injury cases are not one and the same. However, medical malpractice attorneys can help to file around 23,000 claims every year.

Plus, a medical litigation case takes a long time to solve in the courts. It is only with a good attorney that you will be able to handle the case within a short time.

The Bottom Line!

Medical malpractice case is complicated, so it is wise to have the right team of a professional attorney. Given the complexities of the medical malpractice laws in many states, it is vital to deal with a dedicated and experienced attorney. The best way to get such at a lawyer is to consider some of these tips, if not all.

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