Steps to Take When Faced With a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident

Any motorcycle rider can face an accident at some point. It is best to take precautionary measures than to be sorry. An accident can cost you property damage, and psychological damage, not to mention physical injuries. Therefore, you must take steps to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Additionally, have a plan to recover your losses if an accident happens.

Riding on mountain roads can be especially risky, with several blind spots and sharp U-turns. Riders riding around such areas have a high probability of running into minor to fatal accidents. Although, the national highway traffic police and the state took several steps across the mountainous regions in the EU and the US to decrease the probability and frequency of accidents. They installed concave mirrors and barriers to cover the blind spots, along with proper lighting at nighttime. It is still best to be safe.

It is always good to have a motorcycle accident attorney present to help you with the process. They will help you with any legal assistance post an accident. They can even help you get insurance for the accident to recover your losses.

Motorcycle Accidents in the EU, US, and Australia

According to Budget Direct, 63% of US motorcyclists surveyed expressed that motorists must tolerate motorcyclists because of their vehicle. Additionally, only 36% of Australians know filtering and lane splitting. Moreover, a government survey showed that Brisbane reported more motorcyclist fatalities than any LGA in Australia between 2011 and 2020.

These stats are alarming, showing that motorcyclists run into more accidents and lack knowledge about traffic rules. To be prepared, it’s best to acquaint with local accident law firms. For instance, a simple search such as the best motorcycle accident law firm in Denver, Colorado, US, can provide one of the best legal assistance in Denver, US. Because of this, the demand for legal assistance from motorcyclists has increased in that area.

Due to the presence of such law firms, there has been a recent drop in motorcyclist fatalities. However, some riders face safety problems and keep running into risks while on the road. When this happens, the motorcyclist alone does not face losses. The vehicle they hit also sustain damage. Therefore, not being mindful of traffic rules and safety protocols can have drastic consequences.

Tips for Motorcyclists

Remember the following tips if you are concerned about your safety, vehicle, and traffic rules. Remember, you must follow this guide thoroughly and not choose whatever advice serves your immediate need. If you are here for help, you must keep an open mind since it is a serious concern.

Call for Help Immediately

Call the police right away if you get into a motorcycle accident. If you are unable to, call for help and have them call the police. It is essential to report the accident for proof to recover your losses. If the other vehicle driver was responsible for the accident, you can easily sue them and recover your damages. For this, calling the relevant authorities is essential.

Once the police arrive at the scene, they will collect the evidence, survey the damages, and collect statements and contact information of everyone involved. This information will help build a case against the other party for causing the accident.

Be Careful of Your Statements

Be careful while giving a statement to the police or telling anyone about the accident. Do not make any claims or admit that the accident happened because of you, as it could cause you a penalty even if you weren’t legally at fault. You may not even get compensation for your damages if you accept your fault. Only answer the questions that the police ask of you. Do not elaborate unless you’re asked to, and try sticking to facts. Even admitting that you were partly at fault could damage your position.

Instead, insist on getting medical attention right away. Have an emergency medical professional check you and get any stitches or bandages you may need, even if you feel fine. This will give the police and authorities enough time to investigate and assess the case and present their findings independently.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Once you’ve called the authorities and sought medical help, your next step should be to contact your insurance company. It is not uncommon to keep the insurance company out of this as it may cause your insurance premiums to rise. They may even offer to cover your damages outside of the insurance company. Working towards a verbal agreement can cost you thousands of dollars worth of damage, which could have been avoided.

It’s also essential to contact your insurance company on time as it could cost you your insurance claim. That’s because recovering evidence after passing a certain period can be challenging and may require additional paperwork.

Alternatively, the other party’s insurance company may also contact you, so you’ll have to be careful about the information you’re providing to avoid undermining your damages claim.

However, you must remember that the insurance companies of both sides want to maintain their profit margins with little concern for you or the other party. That is why the presence of an attorney is significant since they will help build your case and guide you regarding recovering your insurance claims for the damages.

Contact Your Attorney

Having a motorcycle accident lawyer is perhaps the most essential resource. Your lawyer is the only person entirely on your side and will provide any help you need. For example, preparing you to talk to your insurance company analyst is the best way to give your police statement and help you gather evidence.

Therefore, motorcycle accident lawyers are familiar with these situations and are all too familiar with the paperwork required to help you win the claim.

In a Nutshell

Motorcycle accidents have increased on mountain roads across the US, Australia, and the EU. Typically, the reasons include speeding on dangerous and mountainous roads, rocky and uneven roads, unpredictable weather, or lack of knowledge. It is best to contact a motorcycle accident law firm to combat all these. Such firms specialize in motorcycle accidents and can provide complete guidance, from getting your insurance claims, giving police statements, and gathering relevant evidence.

The pointers above can help build a case against the other party responsible for the accident. You can quickly recover your losses and damages by suing the other party for the accident.

If you like this article and feel that we may have missed some important aspects, feel free to leave your two cents in the comments section below.

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