What Does a B BBB Lawsuit Involve?


You may have heard a lot about the Big Business Bill of Rights (SBR) recently passed in the US Congress. That’s a good thing, as it makes it easier for injured or suffering parties to seek justice and compensation from corporations guilty of malpractices. But the new Law on Blocking Surrogacy involves a far more serious problem than corporate greed. It is the potential for rogue nation-states, which sponsors international terrorism or sponsors violent regime change initiatives to utilize biological weapons in terrorist attacks. This could happen, if the United States puts off the implementation of these strict measures.

The SBR was designed to prevent the transfer of bio-weapons technology to rogue nations.

That’s a tall order, considering that only a tiny percentage of the world’s population even shares some of the coveted medical advancements. It will be easier for a small nation with a radical political agenda to weaponize its biological weapons, rather than make them for itself. It will be much easier for a nation state like North Korea, which has nuclear warheads and long-range missiles, to weaponize those weapons against neighboring countries if the US cannot stop them from transferring weapons technology. Thus, it is clear that we have a real problem here if the US Congress bows to the will of those who want to weaponize biological weapons.

The BBB lawsuit is also an excellent example of how the victimized small entities cannot prevail in court due to a lack of standing.

First, a victim must establish that he suffered some type of injury because of the defendant’s defective products. Second, he must establish that such injury was caused by the defendant’s product. If either of these elements is missing, he cannot prevail in court. He then has lost his case.

Let’s look at an interesting case that I recently heard about. A man caused an injury when he stepped on a rusty nail in front of his house. Though the nail did not penetrate his skin, it caused a large, permanent scar. The man brought a BBB lawsuit against the manufacturer and was able to receive compensation for this scarring. What was surprising to me was the fact that this man could not connect the scar to the product and was unable to make a BBB lawsuit against the manufacturer because he had not suffered any injury.

In this case, however, the victim actually had pain and suffering.

He filed a case against the manufacturer and was able to receive compensation for this medical expense and pain. Even though the jury ruled in the manufacturer’s favor and awarded him compensation, the victim could not sue the manufacturer. This is why I call the verdict in this example a “Jury’s Decision”. If the plaintiff cannot connect pain and suffering with the product, he cannot make a valid BBB lawsuit.

This brings us to the next example. Suppose you are driving down the road and happen to run a red light. You stop the car safely, you signal to the driver of the next vehicle, and you are soon pulled over by the police. The officer then tells you that since you just ran a red light, you have committed a serious violation. Now, you have just received one of these tickets.

One could argue that if you were hit by an uninsured motorist, you would be entitled to a B BBB ticket.

However, since the victim now has been assessed with a serious injury, he or she should be compensated for that injury. Unfortunately, in this situation, the victim is without a vehicle and without a means of transportation. So, what does the injured party do? That’s where the problem arises. Instead of going to court and fighting a traffic ticket, the injured party often decides to settle the ticket for a lesser amount of money.

The decision to fight a B BBB ticket is ultimately a personal one.

Some people simply don’t want to waste their time and resources on a B BBB lawsuit that is likely to end in a settlement that does not justice to their suffering. In the final analysis, the injured party must make the decision that is right for them and if they make the wrong choice, they will be charged with criminal prosecution even though they may not be guilty of wrongdoing.

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